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Category: E-Paper

E-Paper Displays (aka E-Ink Displays)


  • Sizes ranging from 1.54" up to 13.30"
  • High contrast and ultra wide viewing angles
  • Bi-stable technology, allowing the displays to retain an image even once the power source is turned off
  • Pure reflective mode
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Multiple colour options
  • Ultra low current in deep sleep mode

Operating temperatures range from -25 to +50 degC, depending on the colour.

Sub-Category: Yellow, Black & White E-Paper

Yellow, Black & White E-Paper
Yellow, Black & White E-Paper Product Series
Range NameSize (inches)ResolutionModule Dimensions (mm)Operating Temperature (°C)
MDE0150A1.50"200 x 20031.8 x 37.3210°C to 40°C
MDE0154A1.54"152x15231.8 x 37.3210°C to 40°C
MDE0190A1.9"128 x 14442.0 x 42.910°C to 40°C
MDE0213A2.13"104 x 21259.2 x 29.210°C to 40°C
MDE0213B2.13"122 x 25059.2 x 29.210°C to 40°C
MDE0215A2.15"208 x 11232.2 x 59.210°C to 40°C
MDE0266A2.66"296 x 15271.8 x 36.510°C to 40°C
MDE0270A2.7"264 x 17645.8 x 70.4210°C to 40°C
MDE0290A2.9"296 x 12879.0 x 36.710°C to 40°C
MDE0310A3.1"168 x 29645.83 x 80.7810°C to 40°C
MDE0370A3.7"240 x 41653.0 x 92.9910°C to 40°C
MDE0420A4.2"400 x 30091.0 x 77.010°C to 40°C
MDE0437A4.37"176 x 48046.6 x 115.8610°C to 40°C
MDE0583A5.83"648 x 480125.4 x 99.510°C to 40°C
MDE0584A5.84"768 x 256147.6 x 59.5810°C to 40°C
MDE0750A7.5"640 x 384170.2 x 111.210°C to 40°C
MDE0750B7.5800 x 480170.2 x 111.210°C to 40°C
MDE0750C7.5"880 x 528170.2 x 111.210°C to 40°C
MDE1020A10.2"960 x 640224.00 x 157.0010°C to 40°C
MDE1250A12.5"1304 x 984261.50 x 211.0010°C to 40°C
MDE1330A13.3"960 x 680286.32 x 212.2610°C to 40°C

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