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New Range of E-Paper Displays

  Published: 14/11/2018

Display manufacturer and supplier, Midas Displays, has announced the introduction of a new range of E-Paper displays. These new displays feature ultra-low power consumption, coupled with exceptional viewing angles.


The ultra-low power consumption of E-Paper, makes these modules ideal for a wide range of applications, especially where there is very low, or zero power required. Initially, there were four size options; 1.54”, 2.1”, 2.9”, and 4.2”. A larger 7.5” option has recently been added, with further sizes expected to be added in future.


The displays are bi-colour, with a white background, resulting in three colour options being available on each display: white, black and red. All round viewing angles ensure the image on the display is visible from all directions, and a ‘pure reflective mode’ makes them ideal for outdoor applications.


Chris Parr, Sales and Marketing Director, Midas Displays said “Our new range of E-Paper displays have specifically been developed for low power applications, they are electrophoretic and therefore use zero power when the image is not changing, as they don’t need to continually refresh. Our range of E-Paper displays use reflected light, as opposed to emitted light, which makes the range ideal for use in outdoor environments or areas with good ambient lighting conditions. The range of products allow the user to display 3 different colours at once; white, black and red. We fully expect demand for this range of products to be strong from Retail, Medical and Industrial customers.”


All modules feature an SPI interface, and come with a standard 24-way connector, 0.5mm pitch, FFC. Sizes 1.54” & 2.1” are driven by the Solomon Systech SSD1675 chip, the 2.9” by the SSD1608 IC, and 4.2” by the SSD1619 IC. The more recently added 7.5” module is driven by the UC8159C IC.


Bi-stable technology allows E-Paper displays to retain an image after power is turned off, further power would only be required when the image needs to be refreshed. This technology makes these displays ideal for applications where the display message rarely changes. Examples of industries where this technology would be beneficial are, but not limited to: automotive, retail, transportation & hospitality. E-Paper particularly suits applications that involve signage, as the information may not change regularly. Shelf edge labelling is a great example, with products unlikely to change in price or information on a regular basis.

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