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Chip-On-Board Micro OLEDs

  Published: 01/12/2021

Midas Displays are pleased to offer a wide range of Micro Chip-On-Board OLED displays. These micro-OLEDs range from as small as 0.49” in diagonal size. Midas have many resolution options available, up to 256x64.

There has been a big increase in the number of applications for smaller displays in the past few years, with many companies swapping from LED products to displays, and with the growth within the wearable technology market. Midas have been adding to their range of micro-OLEDs to match the demand in the market and have a range of Chip-On-Glass construction options too.

Paul Banham, Director, Midas Displays said, “Our micro-OLED product range has been specifically developed over the past few years to meet the needs of the industrial market, and as a result the technical specifications, product quality and longevity of supply are in accord with industry requirements. The OLED technology used in the new modules has been derived from a commercial, wearable product range, and we fully expect demand for both chip-on-board, and chip-on-glass, ranges to continue to grow”.

These displays are chip-on-board construction, making them easy to mount, and many dot colour options, including a dual yellow and blue on black background. Interface options include I²C, SPI, or multi-interface. They feature fantastic all-round viewing angles, which is helped by the ‘true black’ background.

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