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5.0” IPS TFT Displays – MDT0500D6 Series

04/08/2021 05:20:30

Our MDT0500D6 series features some outstanding attributes, and come with either LVDS or RGB interface...

20 Year Interview With Mike Halpin

12/07/2021 16:03:47

Midas recently celebrated 20 years as a business. To mark the occasion, we asked our Managing Director & CEO 20 questions about Midas...

Capacitive Touch OLED Range

09/06/2021 04:20:33

Midas are pleased to offer a range of capacitive touch OLEDs, to make M2M applications run much smoother...

Display Market IC Shortage Update

01/06/2021 16:14:50

There is currently extremely high demand, and a severe shortage in ICs...

Customer Visits

20/05/2021 10:15:55

Midas are pleased to offer our UK based customers on-site visits again...

Midas Displays CAN Bus TFT Range

18/05/2021 10:36:02

Midas are pleased to offer a range of 'smart' CAN Bus interface TFT displays...

Midas Introduce New Dial OLED

12/05/2021 06:57:42

Midas are pleased to introduce this new display, which features a rotary switch module...

Midas Introduce New HDMI TFTs

28/04/2021 06:35:52

Midas are pleased to offer new 4.3" & 5.0" IPS displays, as part of our HDMI TFT range...

New RGB Backlight LCD Displays

31/03/2021 06:23:17

Midas are pleased to announce more additions to our RGB Backlight LCD range. These new additions include both character and graphic LCDs...

What To Expect From Midas Displays

03/03/2021 07:01:12

Our goal is to make the process of using display technology as simple as possible for all our customers...

New RGB Backlight Character LCDs

03/02/2021 06:12:15

Midas are pleased to offer a new range of character LCD displays that have an RGB backlight...

Midas Displays Partner With Digi-Key Electronics

20/01/2021 06:29:10

Midas Displays have enhanced their sales channel by partnering with distributor, Digi-Key Electronics...

Chinese New Year 2021

11/01/2021 07:00:44

Factories will be closed for Chinese New Year for 10 days in 2021. This will affect display lead times...

Midas 12 Displays Of Christmas

05/01/2021 07:33:05

This Christmas, the Midas team selected 12 displays from our comprehensive range, to form the 12 Displays Of Christmas...

E-Paper Technology Explained

16/12/2020 06:29:37

E-Paper display technology explained, as well as a detailed overview of full refresh vs partial refresh...

Christmas 2020 & Chinese New Year 2021

02/12/2020 06:31:05

Great Yarmouth offices will be closed for Christmas between 24th December and 3rd January…

E-Paper Warning Signage

18/11/2020 07:29:49

Also known as E-Ink, this technology is ideal for signage, especially warning signs…

Display Market Experiences IC Shortage

04/11/2020 07:47:06

High demand, and shortage of ICs, is currently causing issues in the display market...

IPS TFT Range Available Through Farnell

06/10/2020 12:16:21

A new range of Midas IPS TFT displays are available to purchase online through distribution partner, Farnell...

New E-Paper Sizes

08/09/2020 06:00:05

Also known as E-Ink, Midas are adding further sizes to their E-Paper range in the coming months…

Midas Displays: Medical Applications

25/08/2020 06:00:47

Midas provide a number of displays to the medical industry...

Midas Large TFT Range

28/07/2020 05:41:56

Midas are pleased to offer a range of TFT displays that reach 61"...

Working Through COVID-19 At Midas Displays

08/07/2020 10:24:19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused challenges in every way imaginable. Find out how the Midas team has been coping during the pandemic...

COVID-19: Midas Displays Update - 17th June 2020

17/06/2020 06:24:58

Midas Displays continue to operate during the pandemic, being deemed a 'key business'...

IPS TFT Displays

03/03/2020 16:57:41

Looking for a display to satisfy a need for all-round viewing? IPS TFT displays could be the answer...

We Are Midas Displays

22/01/2020 10:09:17

Midas is a specialist electronics company, designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality display and ultrasonic sensor products. We provide a fast, reliable service,

Midas Displays: Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2020

08/01/2020 14:48:48

Midas Displays will be returning for another SME exhibition in 2020...

The E-Paper Display Range

04/12/2019 13:20:45

Our 11 E-Paper Displays are available in sizes ranging between 1.54” up to 13.30” and are available in a range of colours.

Midas Christmas 2019 & Chinese New Year 2020 Information

02/12/2019 09:00:11

Great Yarmouth offices will be closed for Christmas between 24th December and 1st January…

Our Different Displays

28/11/2019 09:18:26

We offer a broad range of Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD panels in sizes ranging from 0.96” to 61”

Midas TFT Development Kits

18/11/2019 09:00:36

Midas Displays are pleased to offer a range of TFT development kits to make prototyping easier...

Midas Offer New E-Paper Sizes

05/11/2019 16:37:26

Also known as E-Ink, Midas have added further size options to their range of ultra-low power consumption displays...

Midas HDMI TFT Range

21/10/2019 16:07:10

Simple, versatile and easy-to-use display solution...

Midas Displays: Engineering Design Show 2019

02/09/2019 12:31:21

Located at stand E70, Midas will be making their second consecutive appearance at EDS in October 2019...

Midas Expand E-Paper Range

25/07/2019 11:15:11

Also known as E-Ink, Midas have added to the range of ultra-low power consumption displays...

Embedded Systems, Video Standards and TFT Displays

12/03/2019 14:00:28

The use of medium to small size (< 12") TFT displays has become widespread today. Consider a typical journey into any market town or regional city in the UK...

E-Paper Displays Now Available Through Farnell

28/02/2019 14:06:44

4 sizes of E-Paper available through distributors Farnell...

Midas Displays: Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019

23/01/2019 12:28:42

Midas Displays will be returning for another SME exhibition in 2019

Midas Christmas Period and Chinese New Year Information

28/11/2018 09:39:06

Great Yarmouth office will be closed for Christmas between 21st December and 2nd January...

New Range of E-Paper Displays

14/11/2018 08:50:54

Midas have introduced a new display technology to their offering. E-Paper (E-Ink) displays are now available in five sizes

Midas Displays: Engineering Design Show 2018

08/10/2018 15:59:40

On the 17th and 18th of October, 2018, Midas Displays will be exhibiting at Engineering Design Show for the first time, on stand E70...

Midas Continue #TeamTuesday Campaign

02/10/2018 09:37:07

Midas launched the #TeamTuesday social media campaign, with the goal of showing our various stakeholders who the team are as individuals.

Midas Displays Innovation Award

13/08/2018 16:54:30

Midas Displays dedication to display design and manufacturing is acknowledged by Corporate LiveWire

New Range of Micro OLED Displays

12/06/2018 12:12:18

Display manufacturer and supplier Midas Displays has announced the introduction of a new range of micro and round OLED displays.

Displays Project Design Made Easier

21/03/2018 10:53:13

Overview of Midas Displays Engineering and Technical Services Relating to New Customer Designs

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0.96 Micro TFT Displays Our MDT0096A series is very popular, with IPS all-round viewing, and up to 500cd/m br

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New Web Article | MDT0500D6 Series This 5.0 TFT series features IPS all-round viewing, and there are two int

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Looking for a character display with larger characters? Our MCOB21609A series features a true black background

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128x64 White On Black OLED Stock Available Midas have 500 pieces of our MCOT128064HV-WM product in stock and a

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