Character LCD

Character LCD displays from Midas Displays are available in dot matrix format 5x7 and 5x8 per character. Mechanical construction includes Chip on Board (COB) and Chip on Glass (COG. Technologies include twisted nematic (TN), super twisted nematic (STN), film compensated super twisted nematic (FSTN), and double film compensated super twisted nematic (FFSTN). Positive and negative modes are available to create alternative appearances. Character LCD modules are available in reflective (no backlight), and transmissive or transflective types (with LED backlight). The LED backlights are available in various colours including yellow/green, and white. Where enclosure height is limited we can offer modules with low profile bezels. Operating temperature ranges include standard (0 to +50 deg C) and wide (-20 to +70 deg C). Interfaces are standard 8 bit/4 bit but we can offer some displays with 4 bit only or I2C interface. Dot gaps are available in industry standard 30 micron or high quality 15 micron. The majority of character LCD controllers are HD44780 equivalent and include on board character sets, the standard being English/Japanese. Other character sets available on command are western European, eastern European, Scandinavian European, Cyrillic (Russian), and Hebrew/Arabic. We offer 5V operating voltage as standard but for low power options, we can offer 3V and 3.6V types. There are also a variety of pin out connections to suit your requirements, in both SIL (single in line) and DIL (dual in line) format. To meet the demands of customer applications these displays are available with viewing angles of 6, 12, 3, and 9 o'clock.

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