Technical Services Provided

  • Technical support and guidance from concept, through project design, to full production.
  • An in-house engineering team providing a working knowledge of displays and assistance with software issues (such as initialisation codes etc.)
  • Availability of development kits, evaluation boards, inter-connect solutions, and tailored/custom product capabilities.
  • A range of display accessories including LCD backlights, bezels, connectors, cables, and touch screens
  • Full in-house custom and tailored design

Our services are provided to assist our customers with an up to date understanding of our display products, and to overcome potential delays allowing faster ‘time to market’ for new projects.

Which display is the best fit for your application?

If you are unsure of what display will work best for you, then why not request a demonstration from one of our Technical Sales Team?

Our demonstration kits provide you with the option to seeing various fully operational display technologies. This assists you to make the right decision based on your application and/or environment. During the visit we can discuss any other technical aspects of your project to steer you through the design process and into production.

Links to useful development products and technical information :

For further assistance or to request a demonstration, contact our Displays Technical Sales Team on +44 (0)1493 602602, or fill in an enquiry form.